Eat Sip Relax Food Truck

Bob & Sandy Lovejoy, owners of the Eat Sip Relax Food Truck fell in love with Grandfather Vineyard as Wine Club members and the GV family got to know them over the years and together the food truck idea was born! The relationship has blossomed and resulted in the opening of Eleven80 Food Truck, most recently changed to Eat Sip Relax Food Truck, a staple at Grandfather Vineyard since 2018. Stop by the Winery any weekend and try out the menu!

*The Food Truck operates during the spring, summer and fall seasons, Friday thru Sunday. Friday & Saturday, the food truck opens at 12pm and serves food until 5pm. Sundays the food truck starts serving at 1pm and stops at 4:00pm Hours may vary based on availability as food is served on a first come, first serve basis.