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At Grandfather Vineyard & Winery, we’ve been growing grapes and making wine since 2003. We pride ourselves in providing wine for any taste preference! Learn more about our current wine selection at Grandfather Vineyard & Winery below.
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Dry White Wine & Dry Rosé

unoaked chardonnay, dry white wine, at grandfather vineyard

2019 UnOaked Chardonnay

Dry White Wine

Aged in stainless steel tanks versus oak barrels, this chardonnay displays delicate qualities. Lighter in color and body, apple and lemon flavors dance on the palate with just a touch of acidity on the finish. This vintage of chardonnay pairs well with fish, including sushi and raw oysters.
marsanne, dry white wine grandfather vineyard

2018 Marsanne

Dry White Wine

Marsanne is an extremely fruit-forward varietal. When aged in oak, as it is here, the flavor profile becomes a rare balance between woody and fruity, with the weight of Chardonnay and a moderate acidity. This makes for a perfect blend of flavors!
pinot gris, grandfather vineyard pinot gris, dry white wine

2017 Pinot Gris

Dry White Wine

Our Pinot Gris is a much lighter wine than its Italian counterpart, Pinot Grigio. With aromatic fruits on the nose and a pleasant mix of more delicate flavors on the palette, this Pinot is an easy-drinking option to pair with a lighter meal or to enjoy on its own!
whiskey barrel white, dry white wine, grandfather vineyard whiskey barrel white wine

2017 Whiskey Barrel White

Dry White Wine

This distinctive White Blend, composed of a base of French Colombard, spent 100% of its eight month aging period in Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrels. The robust and noteable flavor of this wine is signularly developed through this unique aging process and brings together the standard of Grandfather Vineyard with the renown of Tennessee Whiskey.
vermentino, dry white wine, grandfather vineyard and winery in banner elk, NC

2016 Vermentino

Dry White Wine

This pale straw colored white is thought to be of Spanish origin, but is most commonly linked to Northern Italy, particularly the island of Sardinia. We aged this wine in stainless steel tanks to emphasize its sharp minerality and preserve its bright acidity and citrus character. Due to its floral, herbaceous aroma and its crisp green apple and lime flavor we recommend pairing with fresh seafood.

Dry Red Wine

big boulder red

2018 Big Boulder Red

Dry Red Wine

Look no further for a smooth, jammy red wine, with a palette full of flavor! Light in color, the Big Boulder Red is primarily a blend of syrah and dolcetto grapes. Take a sip and get flavors of juicy dark fruits, plums, and chocolate covered blueberries with a smooth velvety texture. A hint of peppercorn and spice greets you on the finishing notes.
ASU Scholar, Grandfather Vineyard Red Wine

2016 ASU Scholar

Dry Red Wine

The Scholar is often a favorite when we release it due in part to the skill of the Fermentation Science students from Appalachian State University. We partner with the AppState's Ivory Tower, helping students to learn more about the winemaking process. This year's blend is a pleasant mix of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc that is perfectly balanced between flavors of fruit, pepper, and acidity.
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2017 Pinot Noir, dry red wine at Grandfather vineyard and winery

2017 Pinot Noir

Dry Red Wine

Pinot Noir boasts being the world's most popular light-bodied red wine, and for good reason! It's strong cherry notes on the front end are followed with a long, smooth finish. A touch of allspice remains on the pallete with each sip. Because of the low tannins and light body, Pinot Noir pairs well with a wide spectrum of dishes, including mushroom ravioli and pork tenderloin.
Cabernet Franc, Grandfather Vineyard Dry Red Wine

2016 Cabernet Franc

Dry Red Wine

This medium-bodied red is the parent of the better known Cabernet Sauvignon. With hints of oak on the nose and a unique profile on the palate, this red is engaging and versatile. Higher acidity and a more herbaceous flavor arises from growing this grape in North Carolina’s climate, creating a peppery wine with a tart finish. Cabernet Franc pairs well with goat cheese, herby dishes, and even BBQ!
Syrah, Grandfather Vineyard Dry Red Wine

2017 Syrah

Dry Red Wine

The syrah grape is deep in color, with a thick skin and high tannic property, creating one of our heaviest, biggest bodied wines. A forward nose brings notes of blackberry and blueberry, introducing a palette that echoes the same with exceptionally noticeable flavors of black pepper. Due to the boldness of the wine, pair it with strong flavored foods, such as dishes containing blue cheese and gorgonzola.
Malbec, Grandfather Vineyard Dry Red Wine

2017 Malbec

Dry Red Wine

Malbec is one of the most well-known wine varietals in the world and ours is the prime example of a classic Malbec. The delicate and intriguing nose hints at the flavors to come. Characterized by a rich and smooth mouthfeel, this wine is full of fruity notes, especially plum. This red also has a defined but light finish making it easy to enjoy with leaner meat or on its own.
merlot, dry red wine, grandfather vinyeard

2017 NC Merlot

Dry Red Wine

North Carolina grown merlot grapes lend to a perfect balance in this ruby colored wine! A medium bodied acidic red, leaves spice on the palate and provides flavors of dark fruit, especially black cherry and plum. Soft tannin notes allow this wine to pair well with aged goat cheese.
Fusion red blend, grandfather vineyard red wine

2017 Fusion

Dry Red Wine

A union of two hand selected grapes, the 2017 Fusion is carefully crafted to escalate the petite sirah and barbara aromatics and flavor characteristics. A touch of carmel greets the nose, coming from the oak barrels. Blueberry and sugar plum grace the palette first, followed by nutmeg and dark cherry. Medium bodied and deep in color, this wine is rich in flavor, pairing well with dark meats and herby side dishes.

Sweet Wines

watauga river white, grandfather vineyard sweet white wine

2019 Watauga River White

Sweet White Wine

Crafted from locally grown vidal blanc grapes, the Watauga River White is full of fruit flavors and a high acidic finish. Pineapple, honeydew melon, and mango will dance on the palate, leaving a sweet finish after each sip
harvest moon red, sweet red wine, grandfather vineyard in Boone

2018 Harvest Moon Red

Sweet Red Wine

Muscadine grapes have a distinct flavor, and our Harvest Moon Red puts that recognizable profile on display, compared to a mix of cotton candy and fruit punch. The cool, lingering finish reminders of warm summer days eating grapes from the vineScreen reader support enabled.
sweet creek red, grandfather vineyard sweet red wine

2018 Sweet Creek Red

Sweet Red Wine

Though most sweet wines tend to be white, sweet reds are a surprisingly popular category of wine. This bordeaux blend has been significantly sweetened to create a delectable flavor with an unexpected hint of tannins. A complex options for any sweet wine drinker.
sweet creek white, grandfather vineyard sweet white wine

2018 Sweet Creek White

Sweet White Wine

Though Pinot Gris is usually used in dry white wines, our Sweet Creek White is made with the classic grape but sweetened and enhanced with flavors of peach. The resulting summery flavor graces the palate with an irresistible fruity profile that will keep you coming back for more.


appalachia bubbles, grandfather vineyard sparkling wine

2019 Appalachia Bubbles

Sparkling Wine

The Appalachian region brings dreamy sunny days and cool nights, reflected in this sparking wine. Tiny bubbles bring out the acidic, bright flavors.
sparkling rosé at grandfather vineyard

2019 Sparkling Rosé

Sparkling Wine

Light pink in color, the sparkling rosé is a blend of the chambourcin and cabernet franc grapes. This dry rosé is high in acidity bringing a tart, steely flavor, with small bubbles of carbonation filling each glass.
sparkling river white, grandfather vineyard sweet sparkling wine

2019 Sparkling River White

Sparkling Wine

Crafted from locally grown vidal blanc grapes, the Sparkling River White is full of fruit flavors and a high acidic finish. Pineapple, honeydew melon, and mango will dance on the palate with the small bubbles of Grandfather Vineyard's first carbonated sweet wine.